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Specializing in Vacuums Designed to Work Well on Pet Hair, Sand, Fine Dust, Lightweight Vacuums, Vacuums For Hard Floors and Small Jobs as well as Commercial Vacuums

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Riccar Commercial Grade Vacuums


      If you need a commercial grade vacuum, we have several makes and models of Riccar Commercial vacuums in stock.  Some features of Riccar commercial vacuums  include:


  • Metal Brushroll with Sealed Ball Bearings
  • Replaceable Brush Strips (Saves Money)
  • 3 Wire Commercial Grade Cord
  • Thermal Reset Motor Protection
  • Metal Rug Plate
  • Use Paper or HEPA Bags
  • Bright Xeon Headlight
  • Metal Motor
  • Football Helmet Quality Plastic
  • Metal Handle on Select Models
  • Bypass System, so heavy objects do not pass thru the fan or motor
  • Metal parts in other key wear areas
  • Good filtration system to keep the fine dust contained
  • A brand that has the support of the manufacturer and the dealer you buy it from so you don't experience major down-time when service is needed.


      Our  many  satisfied commercial customers include Schools, Churches, Restaurants, Retirement Facilities, Hospitals, Clinics, Government Buildings, Motels, Stores, Bars, Banks, Business Offices and many others.  We'd be happy to discuss your commercial vacuum cleaner needs with you anytime.


For More Information on Riccar Commercial Vacuums  Click Here 



Lindhaus Commercial Vacuums



     The Lindhaus RX has become renowned worldwide thanks to its superb filtration system and the advanced technology used in its construction.  With the RX, the noiselevel has been reduced and the ease of handling and operator's comfort has been improved.  Both motors are assembled on swinging supports, allowing a further reduction of noise and vibrations.  The replacement of the roller from the side does not need any tools.  The on-board accessories have been improved thanks to the rotating round dusting brush and the telescopic extension wand.  Our success is the customer's satisfaction.



Lindhaus RX Commercial Vacuums Unique Features:


  •  Hospital Quiet Design
  •  Advanced Two Motor System
  •  Up To 20 Inch Wide Models Available
  •  Hospital Grade Filtration
  •  Hose And Attachments On Board
  •  Brushroll Can Be Removed Without Tools For Cleaning
  •  Electronic Motor Protection On Both Motors
  •  Electronic LED Guide For Proper Height Adjustment
  •  Non Marking Rubber Wheels
  •  Long 40 Foot Commercial Cord
  •  All Service & Repair Done In Our Store . . . No Need to Send It Back To The Factory



 For More Information on

Lindhaus Vacuums  Click Here  

Commercial Vacuums


A good commercial vacuum at a great price.  The Carpet Pro features:


  • Lighweight
  • Powerfull 10 Amp Motor
  • Electrostatic Filtration
  • Metal Rug Plate
  • Metal Brush Roll
  • Replacable Brush Strips
  • Long 40 Foot 3 Wire Cord
  • Auto Adjust For All Carpet Types



 One Year Warranty

Done Right in Our Store



This Carpet Pro Backpack Model is Great Around Chair and Table Legs and Other Hard to Reach Places