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House of Vacuums

Specializing in Vacuums Designed to Work Well on Pet Hair, Sand, Fine Dust, Lightweight Vacuums, Vacuums For Hard Floors and Small Jobs as well as Commercial Vacuums

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"Here are a few other

products we sell"

"The Riccar Extractor Carpet Cleaner"


     A bit larger than the Rug Doctor, the Riccar Extractor is one of the best for home or commercial use.  For years, professional janitorial / sanitation experts have used this extractor with great results.


  • Revolving brushroll for excellent agitation and cleaning.
  • 13" cleaning path is wider than many other brands.
  • 60 PSI pump pressure blasts cleaning solution into your carpet with twice as much pressure as other brands.
  • 107" water lift provides powerful suction and faster carpet drying times.
  • Large 4.25 gallon solution tank and 4 gallon recovery tank limits emptying and refilling downtime.
  • Rugged construction with adjustable metal handle and 8 inch rubber wheels are built to last.
  • Optional hose and hand tool to clean your stairs, furnature, cars interior, and more.
  • Made in the USA



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Carpet Care


This model is not always in stock in our store, but can be ordered in within a few days if needed. 



"Got Carpet Stains?"


      We have some of the most advanced carpet stain and spot removers on the market.  "Lindhaus Pure Power" is one of our favorates.  It removes over 2,000 stains including grease, oil, cosmetics, blood, crayons, paint, ink, coffee, food stains, wine, urine, koolaid, and many others.  Stop in for a demonstration anytime.


     Pure Power Dye Out is another great product that is made specially for removing Food Dye stains.  Stains such as Kool Aid, Fruit Juices, Cough Syrup, Popsicles, Soft Drinks, Candy, & many others.  It actually changes the molecular structure to render dye invisible.  It is the best we've seen for those hard to remove "dye" type stains.



"Riccar Central Vacuums"


      Central vacuum systems, also known as built in systems, offer many benefits including exceptional filtration for improved indoor air quality, impressive cleaning performance, nearly silent operation and the fact that they increase a home's overall market value.  What sets Riccar central vacuums apart is the attention to detail Riccar demands from every vacuum that carries the Riccar name.  Riccar has taken their most desirable convenience features developed after years of research for  upright and canister vacuums and brought them to the world of central vacuum systems.  And like every other Riccar Vacuum, their central systems are built to stand up the the toughest cleaning tasks not only when new, but for years to come.  In fact, all Riccar central vacuum power units are backed by a Limited Lifetime warranty.  (Special order only)


To learn more about Riccar central vacuum

systems   Click Here




Carpet Sweepers


We Sell Carpet Sweepers For Quick Pick Ups

Brands Vary Depending on Availability



"Why Rent? . . . Own a Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaner"
"Save on your carpet cleaning costs, and have the convenience of using a quality carpet cleaner whenever you need it !!!"
       Now you can own the same quality carpet cleaner that you have been renting for years.  This is a commercial quality carpet cleaner for your home.  Only Rug Doctor uses a brush agitator with a back and forth brushing action that opens the knap of the carpet for great cleaning results.  A powerfull suction motor and high pressure pump make this one of the best carpet cleaners you can own.  It comes with a hose attachment that allows you to use it for stairs, cars, furnature, and more. 

Why Own a Rug Doctor?

  • It's Affordable
  • It will Outlast Other Home Use Brands
  • It's Easy to Use
  • It Has the Power of a Professional Carpet Cleaner
  • Your Carpet Will Last Longer
  • You Will Have it When You Need it
  • It Will Make Your Home Cleaner and Healthier


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Rug Doctor
The Carpet Care Experts
In Stock Now . . . Use It Today !!


"Dry Clean Your Carpet"


        A great way to "do it yourself" when it comes to carpet cleaning.  Whether you have a small area or a whole room to clean, the "Riccar dry cleaning system" is a great way to clean your carpet yourself and you can do it when you have the time.  It's also good "insurance" to have some on hand for those unexpected pet or other accidents that can happen at anytime.  It's so easy to use, just sprinkle it on the carpet and work it in with a brush.  Vacuum the carpet after it drys for about 30 minutes and you have clean, fresh smelling carpet.


       We also have the Riccar Carpet Keeper machine available that you can rent or buy. This machine allows you to work the "Dry Carpet Cleaner" products into the carpet faster and more completely. 


       Advantages of using the Riccar Carpet Keeper include:

  • It makes the cleaning process go faster
  • It is very easy to push (feels almost self propelled)
  • The two opposite turning brushrolls do a better job working the product into the carpet than with a hand brush
  • It grooms the carpet to make it look almost like new




"Vacuum Scent"


      We have a variety of products to make vacuuming more pleasant.  Vac-Yum is a granular product that you can put in your vacuum bag to make the exhaust of your vacuum smell better.  It's available in a variety of scents, and can be used for other purposes as well. 



"Other Products We Sell"


Reconditioned Vacuums


Bags For Most Major & Some Rare Brands


Shampoo For Most Carpet Cleaners


Stain & Spot Removers

Bee's Wax Furniture Polish That Does So Much More Than It's Name


Attachments & Accessories For Many Brands


Belts & Filters For Most All Brands


Various Cleaning Chemicals & Odor Eliminators


Turbo Brushes


Other Special Attachments


Pet Related Cleaning Products


Microfiber Cleaning Cloth