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Specializing in Vacuums Designed to Work Well on Pet Hair, Sand, Fine Dust, Lightweight Vacuums, Vacuums For Hard Floors and Small Jobs as well as Commercial Vacuums

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"Our Philosophy On Zone Heaters"
"If A Heater Doesn't Pass This Test, We Don't Sell It"

  1.  Parts Have To Be Readily Available

  2.  It Has To Be Safe - UL Certified

  3.  It Has To Be Reliable

  4.  It Has To Be Repairable & Serviceable At A Reasonable Price

  5.  It Has To Come From A Reliable, Stable Manufacturer Who Will Be There For Years To Come


"The 10 Year Test"


If your zone heater is going to pay you back it should last at least 10 to 20 years.  If it costs hundreds of dollars to keep it working for that period of time, your "payback" is eaten up.  Even worse, if parts are not available when you need them, you're stuck with a throw-away heater.



This is why we recommend . . .

"Buy a Serviceable, Good Quality Zone Heater, That Will Last Longer, Work Better, And Pay You Back Year After Year."



 Zone Heating Isn't Magic . . .
 It Just Feels That Way
Portable Heaters
Is it an End Table or a Zone Heater? 
No Bulbs to Burn Out !!
It Pays For Itself . . . And Then Saves You $ Year After Year
     Why pay to heat your entire house to your desired comfort level when you spend most of your time in only a few rooms?  According to the U. S. Department of Energy, zone heating can produce energy savings of more than 20% compared to heating both occupied and unoccupied areas of your home. 
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      The Ultimate Portable Zone Heater, the Summer Breeze, is made in the USA by

the company that makes our best selling vacuums, Riccar.  The quality of this zone heater is the best we've seen.  Riccar engineers tried using bulbs, like most other portable heaters, but were not satisfied with the results.  By using a heating element, less heat is trapped inside the heater, meaning the heat is in your room where it's needed.  The other advantage is that the element is guaranteed against failure for ten years, and may very well last a lot longer, so you won't be bothered with frequent bulb changes.  Not only is this portable furnace well built, but it looks like real furniture.  It plugs into a regular outlet and doubles as an end table, so it can be in place year around, ready to heat a room anytime needed.  It has many of the same features of other portable heaters, with the following differences: 



Features and Benefits:                                                                                       
  • Downward Directional, Louvered, FeltTouchTM Front Grill That Stays Cooler if Touched  
  • Hand Made Wood Cabinet Models Available That Look Like A Piece of Furnature You Would Find In a High End Furnature Store 
  •  Longer Life, High Quality Axial Scroll-Style Fan
  • Stainless Steel, Magnesium Oxide Insulated Finned Tubular Heating Element, Pictured to The Right . . . The Best We've Seen
  • Finned Element Design for Optimal Heat Exchange . . . Efficient
  • Over 50,000 Hour Rated Heating Element . . . Four to Five Times Longer Than Other Brands Using Bulbs
  • 12 Amps, 1450 Watts & About 5,000 BTU's Of Heat Out
  • The Heater is 18 1/2 " Tall x 14 1/2" Wide x 22 1/4" Deep &  Weighs 43 Pounds
  • Improved Heat Exchange = Lower Inside Temperature = More Efficient = More Heat Out
  • Dual Over-heat Protection Fuses & Tip-over Protection,  Plus UL Certified . . . Safe . . . Safe . . . Safe
  • No Bulbs or Glass Tube Elements to Burn Out
  • Looks More Like Real Furniture  with a Finished Backside, Four Leg Design, and a Taller Narrower Shap
  • No Assembly, Ready to Use Out of The Box
  • Pays For Itself  Over Time, and Then Pays You Year After Year



                5 Year Overall Warranty & 10 Year Heating Element Warranty . . . 

                If The Heating Element Fails In The First 10 Years We Replace The Element At No Charge


                 For More Information on The Summer Breeze Heater  Click Here


                Riccar Summer Breeze Heaters are available in high quality oak or cherry cabinets, as well as a basic black box finish model.  Since they are made in the USA quality is excellent, and service after the sale is handled in a fast and efficient way.  Stop in and see these top of the line heaters anytime.